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About the film

"SUPERFISKY" is Episode 1 of Season 1 a full feature docuseries called LARCHITECT. The film collaboration of Episode 1 is between 'The Landscape Architecture Podcast' and the Department of Landscape Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona.

"SUPERFISKY" has completed 85% of it's filming. Thus far our documentary has exceeded our limitations on "sweat equity" and will require funding to bring it to completion. The funding will be used towards the film's music, recoloring, and the technology required for editing the footage.

The Landscape Architecture Podcast serves as a steadfast champion of Landscape Architecture. As the podcast grew its success and reach, it was only natural that it transitioned into filmmaking. When the department head (Andrew Wilcox) of the Landscape Architecture Department at Cal Poly Pomona asked podcast and film producer Michael Todoran if he would like to teach a film class, Michael enthusiastically agreed. 

The class was built around the student-led decision that the film should share a story with a strong sense of civic responsibility combined with a central character that is already in motion. Driven by this direction, fellow landscape architecture faculty 'Kat Supefisky' was the perfect match. 

About Kat

Kat Superfisky is a landscape designer, ecologist and educator who devotes her days, nights, and dreams to transforming urban areas into more "symbiotic cities". Prior to moving to Los Angeles she planned, implemented, and oversaw ecosystem management efforts for 24,000 acres of parkland in metropolitan Detroit. In Los Angeles, Kat has spearheaded ecological planning and design efforts at Studio-MLA, and founded the nonprofit Grown in LA, which aims to increase the amount of locally-collected and locally-grown plants for public projects in LA while simultaneously providing Angelenos with educational and green collar job training opportunities. 


Kat currently serves as the City of Los Angeles' first and only Urban Ecologist. She understands the positive impact education can have on the world, so also develops environmental education programs for middle and high school students and is a university instructor (teaching at institutions such as California State Polytechnic University Pomona, University of California Los Angeles, University of Michigan, and the University of Southern California).


She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Sciences with a Specialization in Land Use Management ('07), Master of Science in Conservation Ecology ('13), Master of Landscape Architecture ('13) and Teaching Certificate ('12) from the University of Michigan. Kat serves on the Board of Directors for California ReLeaf, and is a Science Advisor for the City of LA Biodiversity Index and The Nature Conservancy and Natural History Museum's Biodiversity Analysis in Los Angeles. 

The LA River to me is a definition of a beautiful disaster. It's this idea that went awry. All along we thought that we were doing something great and then we woke up and exclaimed that maybe we missed the mark on that. Maybe we should have thought twice about channelizing our waterway. 

Kat Superfisky

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