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Title: “Superfisky: and the Allure of the Urban Wild”

Los Angeles, California, Release Date: TBD

The Premiere of “Superfisky”, produced by Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture Students from Michael Todoran’s Special Topics course: Documentary Filming in the Field of Landscape Architecture. Michael Todoran’s class explores the experiences of the Los Angeles River defined and understood by Kat Superfisky. The leads of the film are Kat Superfisky and the LA River


Who: Cal Poly Pomona Landscape Architecture Students from the course number LA 4990.03 (Special Topics: Documentary Filming in the Field of Landscape Architecture)


What: Screening of “Superfisky” Trailer + Film


Where: Until Further Notice: Online
In Person: College of Environmental Design,
California Polytechnic State University - Pomona


When: TBD


Why: The Superfisky Film focuses on the LA River and its purpose is to enlighten people and bring out a new perspective on the river and its surrounding locations. The film captures the essence of Kat Superfisky and what she does for the Ecology of the LA River.


As part of the class curriculum this film has allowed multiple young professionals to take this film and develop new skills related to film making and learn about Professionals in the Landscape Industry and what they do. 

Quote from Michael about producing and guiding the Film “QUOTE”

The “Superfisky” film is committed to showing off the skills of the LA 4990.03 students and how they have used the skills taught by Michael Todoran to produce and take the film in their own collaborative direction.  




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